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Our Story


Carbon Fitness is a 360 Fitness studio located at the most scenic seaside location in the city. We aren’t just a gym, we are a belief system. The belief to better ourselves, work hard and evolve into something greater! We are tough as Carbon and provide all that you need to keep yourself active and fit within one roof. From state-of-the-art gym equipment by Nautilis and HIIT workouts to Zumba and Yoga classes and so much more. Are you ready for your evolution?

Gym Overview


Team Carbon is working towards the goals to making Carbon Fitness the first choice for all those who are willing to put in the work to achieve their fitness goals! Carbon is revolutionizing the fitness industry of Pakistan by providing the best active-lifestyle services in town. By caring about wholesome living as a whole rather than just the gym life, we are incorporating the ways of Carbon Fitness into the lives of our clients. A gym is a location, but Carbon is a lifestyle!




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Muhammad Sabih Khan

- ACE Certified Trainer (2016)
- 8 years of coaching experience
- Bodybuilding Champion (District South)
- Bodybuilding Champion (Runner-up – Sindh)

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Danish Lochner

- NCCA Certified Trainer
- 12 years of coaching experience
- 4 years of experience in Physiotherapy (Asst.)
- Black Belt in Karate

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Raza Masud

- 3 years of coaching experience
- Expert in Cross-Fit and Functional Training
- Yoga Training (Flexibility and Stretching)

ahmed usman



Ahmed Usman

- 2 years of coaching experience
- 1 year experience of personal training in Malaysia
- Expert in HIIT